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 Welcome to the FOOTHILLS POPS BAND 2017-2018

A volunteer concert band dedicated to the continued musical education of adult musicians and the performance of “fresh arrangements of familiar tunes” for the community.


After the Concert Social, Sunday December 3, 2017

The after concert get-together December 3 is on! We will be able to have our party in the Instrument Rehearsal room right next to Griffin Hall.  It will be a “pot luck” style with everyone bringing some sort of goodie to share. We will NOT have access to electrical plug-ins (the circuit trips very easily with minimal draw), so keep that in mind for the treat you would like to bring. Punch and hot drinks will be available, families of the band are very welcome.  We look forward to meeting everyone!


The FPB is open to proficient musicians who can sight-read music at a minimum level that is equivalent to an upper level high school band. Prospective members should email the Pops Band personnel director (email address is on page 4 of Welcome Letter) and include in the email the following information:  1.) instrument; 2.) proficiency level; 3.) musical background; and 4.) contact information, including email & phone. This information is communicated to the executive board and the band director to determine eligibility and need.  If there is an opening in the appropriate section and the proficiency level criteria are met, the prospective player will be invited to play with the band for the series of rehearsals leading up to a performance.  The section leader, executive board and band director will then make a decision about membership. Prospective members may also be recommended by a current band member.  The recommendation must be made to the personnel director.  The decision to invite the prospective member will follow the above eligibility process. 


Your section leader is a person who wants to see our band thrive.  He/she wants you to be a productive member.  He/she strives to keep you informed and wants you to keep him/her informed.  His/her aim is to see that every part is covered and that each member is satisfied with his/her role within the section. Seating is determined by the section leader and conductor.  Where several members of a section are capable of playing all parts, parts may be rotated by the section leader or conductor. The conductor always needs to be kept informed about these decisions, so as to not cue people who just wave back smiling. The section leader is a sort of “straw boss” informally chosen by the members of the section as their leader- not necessarily 1st chair. 


Preparation for our formal season of concerts is intensive.  As we only have 4-6 rehearsals per concert, you are expected to attend all rehearsals. New members are not accepted within four weeks of a concert without special consent from the personnel director and conductor; anyone who misses more than one of the last four rehearsals or the dress rehearsal prior to the concert may not be allowed to play the performance.  A prior arrangement for missed rehearsals with the conductor and personnel director is necessary to keep everyone happy and informed of your volunteer commitment. Our music selection depends on it! There is no formal policy for expelling members, however members who prove to be undependable or lack the musicianship necessary, may be asked not to play the upcoming concert.  Soloists in the band will be those who are proven to be most dependable in attendance and musicianship.


Late arrivals for rehearsals and concerts are very disruptive.  Everyone needs to be in their chair and ready to play by 7:00 PM or the announced special starting time.  We need to be warmed up and tuned well before every rehearsal and/or concert. 



If your mailing address, email address or phone number has changed, please take the responsibility to notify our Personnel Director.  We are constantly updating this information and we need your input to maintain current records. 



If you take music home to practice (we encourage this) you must return it to the band for rehearsal.  Contact a fellow member to return it for you, or bring it yourself.  There is no excuse for not getting your music to rehearsal or concert! Not having the proper parts can cause real problems for the band-not to mention the bill you will receive for permanently missing music.

Check with your section leader as to what is expected from members of your section.  Your section leader can tell you what mutes are needed.  Stands WILL BE provided this year for our concerts at CSU but ARE NOT provided for our Valentine’s dance at the Hilton.  Please bring a STURDY BLACK stand for the Valentine’s dance.  Please turn any music folder sideways on the stand so it is not visible from the audience.

Depending where the rehearsal is held you may need to bring your own music stand.  If we rehearse at Lucille Erwin Middle School you typically will NOT need to bring your stand as stands are provided, although we have been short of stands in the past so it may be a good idea to keep one handy in your vehicle.  Please help in setting up and tearing down before and after the rehearsal.  If we need to rehearse at other locations please plan on bringing your own stand as one will more than likely not be available.


Grants come from the City of Fort Collins Fort Fund and wherever else band members can plead our cause.  Our Valentine’s Dance also provides a good portion of our funding for the year.  Along with these funding sources, donations to the Foothills Pops Music Association (FPMA) also provide much needed support.  Please support the band with a membership to the FPMA.  As costs have continued to rise the suggested membership now starts at $40.00.  See Phillip Ulrickson ( for a funding request to take to your employer. 


We are very fortunate to have good rehearsal spaces in such convenient locations.  Rehearsals will be held at Lucile Erwin Middle School in Loveland EXCEPT for a few dates when we may use another venue to be determined.  Those dates are listed below in our “schedule” section below (page 4).  Whether we are at the school or some other location, the following simple rules concerning the use of the rehearsal space are the obligation of all the band members.

·         Do not abuse the premises.
Do not smoke anywhere in the building.
Leave the room in the same condition as we found it.

Lucille Erwin Middle School:                        4700 Lucerne Avenue; Loveland



This year, we will be using the CSU Griffin Concert Hall for our concert season. We will be playing all of our concerts at CSU Griffin Concert Hall except our Valentine’s dance & silent auction, which will be held at the Hilton ballroom in Fort Collins. Here are their locations:

CSU Griffin Concert Hall:

1400 Remington Street; Fort Collins

(Corner of E. Lake St. & Remington St.)



The Hilton – Fort Collins:

425 W. Prospect Road; Fort Collins

(Corner of Center Drive & Prospect Road)


Men must wear a black suit, white shirt with a black butterfly bow tie (or regular tux).  Women must wear concert black (black skirts or slacks with a black blouse or black dress); dress length must be long enough to come below the knee when seated.   Men and women must wear black footwear. 


Once we take our places for a concert we need to stay seated.  Only those who have specific duties to perform can move about.  However, at the beginning of the concert, after the opening announcements thanking our sponsors are made, we will stand as the conductor walks on stage. We will also stand whenever the conductor directs us to.  After each piece is played, as a common courtesy we will sit still while acknowledging the audience applause.  When the applause subsides we may then adjust our music for the next piece.  No folders should be seen over the stands from the audience.  Leave them backstage or put them sideways on the stand.

When the conductor takes the podium everyone should have their instruments at attention and ready to play, even if you do not play right away on that piece.  This not only looks good from the audience but also helps the director know that you are ready to play.


Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to everyone.  If you are interested in attending, listen for announcements at rehearsals and let a board member know you plan to attend.  Meetings are frequently changed because of scheduling conflicts and you will be informed of any change, if we know you are coming. 


The FPB always welcomes dependable and dedicated musicians.  Many times our best referrals come from our own band members.  Help recruit good dependable players!  Please speak to the Director, President and Personnel Director before bringing individuals into the band.

We love to see our friends, family and co-workers at the concerts.  PLEASE post our flyers, send emails, post to Facebook and generally talk-up our concerts.  We have a great band here and if everyone in the band brings only THREE to FIVE people to a concert, we will always play to a great crowd!!

Again, we welcome you to the Foothills Pops Band.  We want you to feel welcome and enjoy the fellowship with other players in the pursuit and performance of “Fresh arrangements of familiar tunes”!  Your section leader, the conductor and the FPB board of directors are always available to you.  Do not hesitate to ask them for more information.  THIS IS YOUR BAND! 

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